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Please fill out all the details below and you will be able to use our online taxi quote software immediately. We do require a graphical copy of your Operators Licence within 3 weeks of joining so that we can validate your taxi or private hire company. You can upload this from your user menu after registration.

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After you have clicked on the Confirm Registration Button, your details will be saved into the online system. You will be allocated a user id and a password.

*** Please write these details down and keep in a safe, secure place. ***

You will then be able to login to Taxiclub from the left hand section of the website in the "Members Login" area. The system creates a complete default set of vehicles, mileage rates, time and date charges and various other settings to get you started. All of these details you will be able to manipulate right away. All information you need is in the documents & online video section when you sign on.

Thank you from the Taxiclub Team.

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